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Factory Molded Carpet Sets

1964-1994 Molded Carpet Sets: Our carpets are not only the correct blends, they are also the correct heavyweight materials specified as original equipment by General Motors.
All 1964-73 Carpet sets are 80-20 Rayon/Nylon blend ("Raylon")and the 1974-1994 sets are cut pyle, as original. Carpets are supplied in sets of front and rear only.
All carpet sets include a new dimmer switch grommet, jute backing, and harmonizing heel pad and binding. These carpets are cut to the original manufacturer's specifications with pressure molded floor pan areas for an exact fit and easy installation. We must know if you have bench or bucket seats, automatic or 4 speed trans., with or without console. We stock all the factory colors for all models.
For 1973 -94 cars, when ordering any color other than black we suggest that you send a small clean sample of the color you require. The best place to locate a clean sample is under the door sill plate. Please do not be fooled by higher or lower prices-these are the finest, best fitting, show winning automotive carpets available at any price. As with all interior components sold by us, carpets are guaranteed to pass judging at all club events when properly installed.

1964-1972 Molded Carpet Set State Year, Model, Color MCS6472 $139.00
1973-1994 Molded Carpet Set State Year, Model, Color MCS7394 $139.00

Door Sill Plates
1964-1967 Door Sill Plates	All 2 Doors	     DSP6467 $69.00 pair
1968-1972 Door Sill Plates All 2 Doors DSP6872 $69.00 pair
1973-1977 Door Sill Plates All 2 Doors DSP7377 $99.00 pair
1978-1987 Door Sill Plates All 2 Doors DSP7887 $89.00 pair

Carpet Underlayment Sets

These die cut Carpet Underlayment sets replace the sound deadening and insulating material found underneath the carpet in all 1964-87 models. The original material is often dried out, cracked or torn and cannot be reused. The biggest reason to use this product is to supress the unwanted 'drumming' sounds of tire and road noise inside the car, making your old car almost as quiet on the inside as your new car. The sound deadening capabilities alone make this product worth twice the price. If you like a quiet interior, try this product! Note: Don't be confused by the inferior tar paper type of underlayment being sold by some -we have tested both products and the sound deadening performance of the rubberized type is vastly superior by comparison.

1964-67	Carpet Underlayment	All Models	CU6467	45.00
1968-72 Carpet Underlayment All Models CU6872 45.00
1973-77 Carpet Underlayment All Models CU7377 45.00
1978-87 Carpet Underlayment All Models CU7887 45.00

Original Style Rubber Floor Mats
These original style rubber floor mats are an exact duplication of the original mats offered by Oldsmobile. These mats fit all Cutlass/442 models and will also fit 1965-70, 88, 98 Models. Offered in black only.

1964-67 Front and Rear Floor Mat Set-Black All Models BFM647S 169.00 set
1968-72 Front and Rear Floor Mat Set-Black All Models BFM682S 169.00 set


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