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Oldsmobile Differential Components

Posi Unit Overhaul Kits
Our complete posi-traction overhaul kits include everthing you need to overhaul your worn out or slipping posi-traction (or limited slip) unit. Kits include all new high carbon clutch packs with 8 eared clutch plates, 6 splined clutch plates, 10 shims (2 each of .035, .030, .020, .015, and .010), the jar of the special G. M. posi additive, and a posi-traction identification tag.

Year      Application                                 Part Number  Price
67-72     10 or 12 bolt "O" type axle with anti-spin  18-002       229.50

Oldsmobile Ring and Pinion Gear Sets
All ring and pinion sets are special order. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

10 Bolt "B" or "P" axle

Year   Gear Ratio               Part Number       Price
64-70  3.55                     18-004            369.00
64-70  3.90                     18-006            369.00
64-70  4.10                     18-008            369.00

12 Bolt "O" axle (10 Bolt ring gear)

Year   Gear Ratio               Part Number      Price
67-70  3.42                     18-010           369.00
67-70  3.90                     18-012           369.00

10 Bolt "O" axle (8.5" ring gear)

Year   Gear Ratio               Part Number      Price
71-76  3.23                     18-014           369.00
71-76  3.42                     18-016           369.00
71-76  3.73                     18-018           369.00

Universal Joints

The same part # fits both the front and rear locations and all types of transmissions for all 1964-72 models.

     1964-77  Universal Joint   All Models     UJ6477    18.00
     1964-77  Olds/Chevy Adapter Joint         UJ6477C   39.00  

Oldsmobile W-27 Rear End Covers

A fashionable accessory used on 1970-72 Oldsmobiles. Normally found on Cutlass, 442 and Hurst/Oldsmobiles, the cover can be used on any 10 or 12 bolt rear end housing built by Oldsmobile. It adds a unique style to and lowers the operating temperature of the differential.

All Oldsmobile 10 Bolt Units      W2710             89.00
All Oldsmobile 12 Bolt Units      W2712             89.00 

Most Chevy 10 Bolt Units          W2710C            89.00
Most Chevy 12 Bolt Units          W2712C            89.00

Posi-Tr-action Identification Tag PT6472             5.95
Posi-Additive      All Years      POSIADD            8.95
Differential Vent Valve           DV6472             7.50

Ring and Pinion Gear Bearings, Seal, and Shim Kits

These terrific kits include premium pinion and carrier bearings and races, (SKF, FAG, Timken, or Bower/BCA brands), premium oil seals, a shim pack, a crush sleeve, ring gear bolts, a new pinion lock nut, a jar of prussian blue and an appilication brush to check your work, the rear cover gasket, a tube of permatex Form-a Gasket #2, and even a small jar of locktite.

D1082   G.M. 8.2" Early 10 Bolt 1965-71                       $129.00
D1050   G.M. 8.5" 10 Bolt                                     $149.00
D1200   G.M. 8.875" Diameter 12 bolt Passenger Car            $189.00


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